Volkswagen T4 Transporter

Volkswagen T4
The Volkswagen Transporter T4 (known in North America as the Volkswagen Eurovan) was the first front-engined van produced by German automaker Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, and is the successor of the Volkswagen Type 2 van. It is built on the Volkswagen Group T4 platform. (Wikipedia) There are plenty of great T4 related sites around, some based on personal appreciation and self-builds, others selling their products online, not to forget the multiple forums around. This site has a plan, a loose plan but a plan all the same, currently this site will contaih a few good links and a design based around a THE BAUHAUS.

"The Bauhaus had a profound influence upon subsequent developments in art, architecture, graphic design, interior design, industrial design, and typography." - and therefore me!

A Straight froward marking offer

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